Who Parties in Nashville?

Here in Nashville, it's well-known that our city is currently a hot tourist destination, especially for bachelorette parties. In fact, one of the first questions the locals are used to asking new friends out at the bars is, "Where are you from?" Responses range from Los Angeles to Chicago to neighboring Franklin, TN, but with Nashville being within a day's drive of half the country's population, it's no surprise that Music City is full of visitors from all over everywhere!

We dug deeper to find the most popular tourist feeder cities. Here are the top five:

Nashville Bachelorette Chicago


So, who guessed it? The Windy City is the #1 feeder city for visitors to Nashville. While it's only about a seven hour drive, Chicago also has a major international airport, making it simple, inexpensive, and quick for mid-westerners to travel down south to Music City for a weekend of partying.


Nashville Bachelorette Atlanta


Visitors from our fellow southern metropolis Atlanta are in a close second. Bachelorettes and their crew can pack up the car after work on Friday and head down I-75 for a weekend getaway to the slightly slower pace of Music City. Since it's only a four hour drive, party-goers can expect to be home and on the couch catching up on Netflix shows by early Sunday evening.



While the Big Apple has a booming music scene with everything from rap musicals like Hamilton to street performers in Union Square, those New Yorkers looking for a taste of country may need a change of scenery. Luckily, Nashville is just a 2.5 hour flight away, and most airlines have direct flights!



Memphis, like Atlanta, is the perfect feeder city for bachelorette party-goers interested in just a short roadtrip to celebrate the bride-to-be. Our barbecue in Nashville has stiff competition when compared to Memphis's, but with a total drive time of just three hours, Nashville couldn't be a more perfect party destination. Hey, you don't even have to cross state lines!



It's no secret that Texans love country music, making Nashville an ideal fit for Dallas residents planning a bachelorette party. Dallas has a major international airport with direct flights to Nashville, but if you're pinching pennies, it's totally possible to turn the ten hour drive into an adventure with your girls too.

Nashville Bachelorette Dallas

Behind these five cities, visitors also frequently travel to Nashville from Houston, Birmingham, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, and more (state-wise, visitors typically come from Illinois, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, and Texas). No matter where you're from, Nashville is probably just a roadtrip or a quick flight away, making it the perfect destination for your dream bachelorette party without breaking the bank OR the gas tank.

Data sourced from VisitMusicCity.com.