When Should You Plan Your Bachelorette Party?

Once upon a time, bachelor and bachelorette parties took place just days before the wedding. With the growing popularity of destination bachelorette parties, that timeline doesn't necessarily hold true. Planning a weekend getaway to another city takes time and coordination. So, the question persists, when should you plan your bachelorette party? The sweet spot is 2-4 months before the wedding date. To allow for travel coordination and the planning of the bachelorette party, the maid of honor (or whoever is taking lead on the party) should start selecting dates about 5-6 months prior to the party.

Busy, busy Bride-To-Be

Planning a wedding is hard work. Brides field phone calls from wedding venues, florists, their relatives, friends, and everyone in between prior to the big day. The stress and chaos typically intensify as the day nears. The last thing you want is for the bride-to-be to feel down to the wire and overwhelmed while celebrating a weekend getaway with her closest friends. 

Out-Of-Town Guests

Chances are, for a destination bachelorette party, the majority of the guests will be out-of-towners... hence the destination part. If some guests will have to travel for both the bachelorette party and the wedding itself, it's wise to spread out the dates. Everyone has commitments and responsibilities that can sometimes be difficult to maintain during out of town travel.

Holiday weekend options

Holiday weekends make for especially great destination bachelorette party dates. Having the bachelorette party over a long weekend can allow for extra flexibility and keep party guests from having to take any unnecessary vacation days. Some of the most popular long weekends for bachelor(ette) parties are Memorial Day Weekend (May), 4th of July Weekend (July), Labor Day Weekend (August/September), Columbus Day Weekend (October), and the weekend after Thanksgiving (November).


There's nothing in the wedding rule book that says the bachelor or bachelorette party MUST be hosted during the 2-4 month timeframe. It's more or less of a suggestion. Honestly, it's not completely uncommon for the bachelorette party to happen rather quickly after the engagement, as more of a celebration around getting engaged than a "last fling before the ring." 

Once you have a wedding date and a bachelorette party guest list, start circulating some date ideas, and see what sticks!