The Hootenanni team is made up of dynamic duo Ashley Kohorst and Leah Williams, who also happen to be roommates (they reside on Mimosa Drive and believe this indicates they were absolutely meant to be party-planners). They met on Leah's very first night in Nashville, and the rest is history.

These two know party planning. Their very first adult jobs involved planning one of the biggest country music festivals in the Florida panhandle. Even Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban showed up (okay, fine.... they were headlining the festival, but they were there!)

After learning a good bit about festival production, Ash moved on to the glamorous world of luxury travel, where she put her creativity to use designing and advertising for some of the most well-known cruise lines and hotel brands in the world. Meanwhile, Leah snagged a gig with a digital agency in the entertainment industry. In other words, she taught celebrity clients how to tweet and post on Instagram (until moving on to a new job marketeting for the real celebrities of Tennessee: the elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary). Oh, and she runs a side business photographing everything from wedding days to giggly babies to surprise proposals.

With a wide variety of backgrounds, a lofty entrepreneurial spirit, and an enthusiasm for having fun, Ash and Leah make the perfect pair to plan your bachelor(ette) party - and thus, Team Hoot is born.

Ashley Kohorst - Hootenanni Party Co.

ASH (Noun):

New Yorker living in Nashville perfecting her southern charm and use of y'all. She is an entrepreneur by blood, party planner by choice, and Mexican cuisine enthusiast at heart. She enjoys watching bad karaoke, will always sing along, and will always dance. She bases major life decisions on Google searches and is quite thankful she never got the Sagittarius tattoo she contemplated, because she is now that new zodiac sign that nobody can pronounce. 

Synonyms: live music connoisseur / professional creative / Golden Retriever dog mom / Belmont alum

Leah Williams - Hootenanni Party Co.

LEAH (noun):

A passionate 20-something, born and raised in Virginia but now loving the Nashville=local life. She dreams big, is a self-proclaimed foodie, and has a zest for trying new things (+ an even bigger zest for being successful at them). She cherishes her family and friends more than they'll ever know, drinks craft beer, and can often be found looking through old photos to post on Instagram or belting out Taylor Swift lyrics. She believes that life is a party and should (almost) always be treated as such.

Synonyms: writer / die-hard Hokie / photographer / Chipotle extraordinaire.