How far in advance do we have to book a party?

If you want the best itinerary and accommodations, the sooner the better. We suggest at least 6 months in advance. You don’t have to book that far ahead, but know that all of our accommodations and experiences are subject to availability. Nashville is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country, which can sometimes make it tricky to book popular experiences on short notice.

When is the best time to visit Nashville?

Our favorite tourist months are April - October. We live here year-round though and love it!

How long can we stay?

As short or as long as you want! Most people come for a weekend or long weekend, and we find that this is a great amount of time to help you experience all that Nashville has to offer. Let us know how many nights you want to come for and we’ll customize your package price accordingly.

How does payment work?

In short, it works however you want it to work! Everyone going can pay individually online, so you won't have to chase down your friends for cash afterwards. On the other hand, if you'd like to pay for everyone at once, we can do it that way too.

Can we pay for the bride?

Sure! We can split up the payments however you’d like - just let us know upon booking.

Will we ever meet you in person?

You might! You never know where we’ll be out and about, but if we do cross paths, it would totally be like us to buy a round of drinks for everyone.

Can we have a co-ed party?

100% yes. We are equal opportunity party-planners. Some parties think it's more fun to have friends of both the bride and groom come for the bachelor(ette) party. We can plan separate or combined experiences for the entire group! 


Will you book accommodations for us?

We can! We have a list of predesigned party packages, and while these do not automatically include a hotel, we are happy to research the best hotel options for your party dates and provide you a new quote that DOES include hotel. Just let us know when you fill out our GET STARTED form!

What kind of accommodations will we have?

We do our best to book all of our hotel rooms smack dab in downtown Nashville! We'll send you the best options based on your party size, itinerary, availability, star rating, and budget!

What if we want to order room service from the hotel?

While we make the actual reservation on our dime, you’ll have to provide your credit card for incidentals upon check-in. This card can be used to order as much room service as your heart desires!

When do we check-in/check-out of our accommodations?

Your check-in/check-out times will vary depending on the hotel.


Are food/drinks included?

It depends! Some of our predesigned party packages include dinner credits or alcohol-related activities. If you select one of those packages, then the answer is yes!


Is transportation included?

Not unless it’s specifically included in one of the experiences that you select. Nashville is a very Uber and Lyft friendly city! We’ll even give you a $10-15 credit per person to use for anyone who hasn’t previously used either service before.


Do we get matching shirts?

You can! We offer Matching Shirts that can be added onto your party package.

What is included in the party gift bags?

Since every party is perfectly tailored to fit each particular bachelor(ette) and crew, the gift bag items can vary! You can expect to receive some locally-sourced Nashville items, from candles to chocolate to hot chicken mix, fun bachelorette-themed games, photobooth props + a selfie stick, a hangover kit, and balloons. You'll also get an assortment of small items to make your bachelor(ette) party complete, which may include flash tattoos, koozies, button pins, and more!


Do you plan other celebrations other than bachelor(ette) parties?

We do! Shoot an email to and let us know what you have in mind.

Why is Hootenanni spelled with an “i” (usually it’s spelled with a "y" . . . Hootenanny)?

We cross the “t” and dot the “i” so you don’t have to. Get it?