Zanies Comedy Club Show

Zanies Comedy Club Nashville Bachelorette
Zanies Comedy Club Nashville Bachelorette

Zanies Comedy Club Show


2 Hours

Need a good laugh? Zanies Comedy Club is the place to go. As the premiere comedy club located in Nashville, the venue features some of the best comedic talent in the country. Remember, sitting front row at a comedy show is the most fool-proof way to get attention during the set - if the performer catches wind you're a bachelor(ette) party, even better! Let the roasting begin.

Important Info:

  • In order to choose this experience, there must be a show corresponding with the dates of your bachelor(ette) party.

  • Tickets are based on availability.

  • We recommend arriving at least 45 minutes to an hour prior to show time for the best seat selection.

  • All party guests must be at least 18 to laugh and 21 to drink.

  • There is a two item minimum purchase requirement per person inside the club. The minimum can be any food/beverage items and/or combination thereof. Alcohol does not have to purchased.

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